Monday, December 19, 2005

I have NO TIME

This one is about Attitude.

If one feels he or she does not have time it is only inside his or her mind it is so.

(1.)Do you work all the time from 9 to 5 whatever the timing may be?
(2.) Do you spend time on tea breaks?
(3.) Do you spend time with your friends during lunch time at their table or the canteen or outside for a smoke or for a sunshine warmth?
(4.)Do you find time to gossip about your colleagues?
(5.)Do you talk on phone and how long do you talk?
(6.) Do you have hobbies at home and spend time by yourself to garden or read a book or watch a movie when the family is taken care of?
(6.) Do you go out and drink and get drunk?
(7.) Should I ask more? I think you get the point by now.

If you want something strongly you strive for that.
If you want the good for your child you work hard for that.
So it is all about wanting to do something. If you want to do it you find time or else you do not!

It is all about adjusting time and work.


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