Monday, May 29, 2006

Inefficient Us

Busy? No I do not think so!! It is just that we are inefficient.. Inefficient as in:-

1. Doing things inefficiently.
2. Doing things we need not do.
3. Doing too manyn things ourselves when they can be delegated.
4. Not taking time out to plan the work first and in that plan first schedule what should be done after what. and then how.
5. Getting distracted.
6. Spending time on telephone too much..

Ohhh what a long list I can weave!! but i have no time.. and this is enough for today therefore... ~~I do not want to be inefficient.. when I have to do so much in so short a time-- my life time!!

I wish I lived longer.. and I wish my useful life was longer!!!
I wish the day was longer..
I wish I could do everything together!!

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